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The Ability to Corner
Your Market

As a Beltone owner, you will benefit from geographic territories and zip code level exclusivity, making you the only Beltone dealer in your geographic area.

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Beltone Brand Power

We Are Owner-Centric

We work with you on a territory, regional, and corporate level. At the center of our business model is the Beltone owner, an individual who chooses to build a future by improving people's lives. Owners are truly the key to our success.

1,500 Locations
Over 80 Years of Service

We Are Trusted

The Beltone brand is one of your greatest business assets. You can count on our brand-building efforts to drive customers to your store. We invest millions of dollars in advertising annually, like national TV and digital campaigns, to keep the Beltone brand top of mind.

A Top Trusted Brand and
98.1% Satisfaction

We are a brand with a proven track record poised to grow more in the years ahead.

The Support You Need to Thrive

Our primary goal is to support your success by offering you every business advantage. From the moment you join our team, we provide guidance and insight to ensure your success.

The Beltone Network

We give you many ways to connect and collaborate with other Beltone owners.

Training & Education

From the start, we help you create a comprehensive preboarding plan to build the foundation for your success.

Marketing & Lead Generation

As an owner, you’ll have access to Beltone’s national marketing calendars, quarterly marketing planning guides, and more.

Business Tools

Dedicated team of advisors focused on lead generation, back-office support and profitable growth.


With multiple awards for technology and innovation, the Beltone brand is recognized and trusted by consumers. This reach is further than just a product portfolio, and gives you maximum visibility with potential patients.

Beltone Imagine™

Tailored sound. Tailored care. Tailored connectivity. Tailored design. Beltone Imagine is a hearing aid solution that tailors the hearing experience unlike any other and provides the closest thing to natural hearing.

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Experience how Beltone Imagine™ enables better speech understanding

Watch this video and get a feel of how Beltone Imagine Microphone & Receiver-in-Ear hearing aids enable better speech understanding in a windy situation.

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Industry Growth

The Beltone Advantage

Baby boomers have arrived.

The U.S. population aged 65+ will grow more than 50% by 2035, continuing to increase demand in the hearing aid market.

The Beltone Advantage

The U.S. hearing aid market is growing 6% annually.

The International Hearing Society forecast a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6% over the next five years.

The Beltone Advantage

U.S. Hearing Aid Sales Approach 4-Million Units

U.S. hearing aid sales achieved a record-breaking year in 2018.