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Why Partner
With Beltone?

As the hearing industry changes, Beltone is ready. We provide tools and resources to differentiate your business, while addressing the challenges you face. We deliver marketing and practice support, business operations, training specialists, and more. Ready to be in business for yourself, but not by yourself?

"As an audiologist, I’ve spent years listening to practice owners talk about competition and the state of the industry. It was important to me to partner with a company invested in the future of hearing care. Beltone offers fantastic competitive advantages that merit consideration from audiologists in, or considering, private practice, because they truly care about our patients and our business."

mike sharp
Dr. Mike Sharp
Beltone Owner


Challenges in
Today's Market

We understand the hearing industry is changing. We understand the fundamentals of your practice and we provide the tools and resources you need to differentiate your business while addressing the challenges you may face.


  • Consolidation of practices

  • Consumers shopping online

  • Over-the-Counter and Direct-to-Consumer products

  • Large retail outlets selling hearing aids (Costco, Walmart, Sam's Club) ineffective marketing or not knowing how to market my practice.



  • Managed care growth, how it fits in each practice, and how to effectively manage it.

  • Cost of doing business

  • Brand identity


Pressure in the
Current Market

Covid accelerated online sales trends by at least 5 years including "Baby Boomers" who are now only marginally less likely to use ecommerce compared to millennials.

39% of Medicare beneficiaries have enrolled in Medicare Advantage and is expected to be 51% by 2030 due to government incentives and demographics

Businesses are racing to invest in new technology to compete with both national brands and now small businesses with online national presence.